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  • Data Center Infrastructure Solutions

    Eding Telecom offers infrastructural solutions for small, medium and large Data Centers. Pročitaj više
  • Energy efficiency with use of natural resources

    The world is focusing more and more on energy from renewable resources.
  • Investment in new Technologies for increased productivity

    The latest generation VoIP (Voice over IP) systems from SIEMENS is a step towards more efficient and reliable business. Pročitaj više
  • Automation and Control

    Industrial automation is another area of expertise within Eding Telecom’s business service fragment where solutions are delivered by turnkey principle. Pročitaj više
  • Mobile Communication Technologies

    Our 4 phases of delivering reliable and most sophisticated mobile communications technologies. Pročitaj više
  • Transport networks for increased capacities

    In today's broadband on demand world, your customers expect the fastest connections across fixed and mobile environments. Pročitaj više
  • Service, Support & Maintenance

    When critical applications are on the line, uptime isn't just a goal, it's the very heart of the business. Pročitaj više