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Eding Telecom is continously developing meaningful and accelerated learning opportunities and anticipating the skills and resources, which will be required to meet the future demands and requirements.

By hiring exceptional people and investing in their growth, Eding Telecom enables growth of individual personal capabilities and helps each individual to reach their full potential. Investing in education, providing access to educational materials and promoting teamwork gives each of them to individualy work on their own development.

Same educational development methods are applied to our external clients where education plays and important role in future business development. The core of the educational program is lectured by wide range of specialists and their expertise. Training programs are presented in various types and forms through seminars and courses, lectures, demonstrations, workshops, discussions, as well as practical work performed on state of the art equipment.


Professional training levels:

  • Technical-assistance courses
  • Operation and maintenance courses
  • Presentations for management and technical staff and new employees
  • Courses on new technologies
Eding Telecom owns the infrastructure equipped with the latest presentation equipment and computers within the LAN. Educational facilities are equipment with test and demonstration systems in order to provide a real time experience to our customers.