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Industrial automation is another area of expertise within Eding Telecom’s business service fragment. With number of successful deployments of automation solutions, our engineers have gained extensive knowledge and expertise coupled with proficiency and able to deliver highly competitive and wide range of solutions within the field.

As with various other services Eding Telecom offers, automation solutions are engineered and delivered by turnkey principle. Out solutions are up to the mark, which are considered as great by endless clients.

Solution development covers number of elements critical for successfully end result, such as:
  • Consulting and planning
  • Drafting of concept design and final project
  • Programming of all automation devices: PLC, HMI (industrial terminals, SCADA), as well as custom crafted solutions.
  • Development of custom and specific hardware and software solutions
  • Manufacturing of low-voltage power boxes, safety and security, quality testing and measurements, regulated single and alternate polarity
  • Equipment setup and wiring
  • Testing and releasing into production
  • Training and guidance
  • Documentation creation and delivery
  • Assistance and optimization analysis of delivered solution
  • Precautionary and emergency maintenance and support


As part of our projects, Eding Telecom also delivers all required automation equipment such as instrumentation, unregulated  (MCC) and regulated (Drives) electric machinery, control modules (PLC), centralized control and monitoring (SCADA), optimization systems, etc.

Throughout the years, Eding Telecom has developed own equipment for industrial automation. Each product is customized for particular type of industrial plant, simplifying the adjustments and customization in accordance with our client’s needs.

For more information about some of the above-mentioned services and solutions, visit each of our respective partners website or contact one of our engineers.