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HiPath systems belongs to the latest generation of VoIP (Voice over IP) telephone systems, a system that allows the transmission of data and voice. This system represents the most advanced integration of the classical solution for voice and data transmission. In comparisson to the others, the HiPath systems allows the use of standard telephone equipment, system (optiPoint 500) and VoIP equipment (PC) as a terminal device.

Interconnection between HiPath systems through LAN and WAN and not through separate lines, is representing a new dimension in networking. In terms of data transfer and Internet access, system is using a single connection to the public telephone network - ISDN BRA, ISDN PRA in order to transfer voice and data transmission eliminating the need for a separate Router and a separate connection.

HiPath systems are suitable for small and medium sized companies up to 384 user ports. Given the flexibility of the system design was primary factor, it fully meets all the needs for communication for the most demanding users. OpenScape on the other hand is more suitable for larger enterprises up to 100,000 ports.


 Small and Medium Businesses    Large Enterprises    Phones and clients
  HiPath 2000     HiPath 4000     OpenStage series  
  HiPath 3000     OpenScape Voice     OptiPoint 420 series  
              OptiPoint 500 series  
              OpenScape Mobile solution  
              Gigaset solution  
              WLAN solution  


More detailed information about HiPath systems can be found on www.siemens-enterprise.com